Coffee beans refer to the fruits of plants used to make coffee

Coffee beans refer to the fruits of plants used to make coffee. Broadly speaking, there are two kinds of coffee beans in the world, Arabica beans and Robusta beans. The fruit of coffee is composed of two oval-shaped seeds opposite each other. The side that meets each other is a flat side, called a flat bean. But there are also those made of a round seed called a round bean, and its taste is not different.

The earliest way for the Arabs to eat coffee was to chew the whole fruit (Coffee Cherry) to absorb its juice. Later, they mixed ground coffee beans with animal fats to use as a physical supplement for long-distance travel. It was not until about 1,000 AD that green coffee beans were boiled in boiling water to become an aromatic beverage. After another three centuries, the Arabs began to roast and grind coffee beans. As alcohol is strictly prohibited in the Quran, the Arabs consume a large amount of coffee. Therefore, religion is actually a big factor that promotes the widespread popularity of coffee in the Arab world.

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