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About Us

Coffee to the Moo Nitro Coffee Concentrate With Infusion


Mike had a dream:

The year is 2021. A sudden "boom" struck the Moon. A man with a yellowish-looking dog (kinda cute) came out of a weird-looking electric rocket, badly wounded, asking for help. Two Moos (cows in Moon language) were brewing some amazing vitamin-infused coffee at the time. The Moos were determined to rescue the man and his dog. They carefully curated three different Moo brews using the best coffee making process available on the moon:

The man and the dog quickly recovered. The man was excited to bring this amazing coffee innovation back to earth. After finding out hoomans on earth still use outdated coffee machines, tasteless powder coffees, and expensive, time-wasting coffee shops, the Moo family agreed on the mission to save the hooman coffee civilization and bring them to the moon. After more than a year of research and development, the "Coffee to the Moo" brand was created. The mission is simple: to make the best-tasting, shelf-stable, travel-friendly, liquid-concentrated coffee, using only the best ingredients, infused with the finest Arabica coffee beans.

Are you ready to go to the moon with us? Your ticket and rocket ship await! Coffee to the Moo was created out of the need for a quick, high-quality cup of coffee — without the hassle of using equipment or waiting in long lines at shops. Taste is important to the passionate coffee enthusiast and ours is the best-tasting coffee on the market.

How can you go to the “Moo” with coffee? Using a Press & Drip™ system our product is extracted 24x liquid coffee, infused with natural ingredients that fit in the palm of your hand. Our Revolutionary Nitrogen Preservation Technology ensures you get the freshest flavor with a shelf life of approximately 300 days. Simply press the device, add water or milk, and you have a delicious cup of coffee in just seconds! It’s the perfect solution for those that are always on the go. We like to call it, "The Coffee Machine in Your Pocket™".


Next Generation Coffee

Mike and the team wanted to make it as easy and fast as possible without sacrificing quality or flavor. They developed an extraction method that extracted 24x liquid coffee, and a revolutionary nitrogen preservation technology. These keep the unique, fresh flavor and make refrigeration unnecessary, yielding the maximum flavor, and giving you a great-tasting cup, very quickly, keeping you energized all day long. This innovative technology is the first of its kind.

Our coffee is made from 100% Arabica coffee beans, giving you the same amazing quality in each and every cup. The nitro-charged, coffee shot is at the ready, in the palm of your hand.  

Each coffee shot is infused with various essential, and all-natural ingredients. You’ll choose from formulas for supporting brain health, enhancing collagen production, and KETO-friendly, fat burning blend. You’ll surely find one that fits your lifestyle.

Now, you can have coffee that takes you to the Moo...n-----in just seconds. A True Coffee Revolution is HERE!

Coffee to the Moo Rocket Launch